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  1. ​Parents give us 2 weeks' notice of your first required evening date (s). 

  2. It is essential a family meet (interview) our bespoke selected Evening Babysitter before they start. 

  3. Childcarers need to be realistic about the hourly rate they ask for as we know most Parents struggle to budget with the added-on costs of going out just 2 times a month so ultimately they decide the rate they will pay. Most Childcarers follow our CV Report rate advice but may say differently when meeting, if we gain consistent complaints on this they are taken off our books. 

  4. Most Evening Babysitters we speak to seek:

    • The extra income of 4 - 8 evening bookings per month so as most families only need 2 - 3 times per month we advise having 2 or 3 families.

    • To start Monday to Friday after their daytime job from 6.30 - 7 pm and need to be finished by 11.30/12 pm.

    • few working in a school may start at 5 pm and be able to offer school holiday daytime Nanny work (agree daytime rate) support.

  5. Naturally, Parents will aim for the same Babysitter all year but realistically cannot assume one person will be available on every date or every Saturday night they ask to do. It is best to achieve a team of 2 or 3 Babysitters as if one cannot do a for example a short notice date usually another can or if you can be flexible text all to ask which evenings they are free and choose an evening from.  

  6. When a Babysitter has been chosen simply text the dates as they arise to all your Babysitter Team. If you choose more than one always give the booking to the 1st Babysitter to reply they can do as this will encourage all your Babysitter Team to respond quicker.


Treating each other with respect and good communication skills with reasonable behavior is vital to resolve minor points as arise.

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